Calculate your Calorie requirement



Your basic turnover:

Consumed calories without physical work (only vital function).

Your basic turnover:

This calorie requirement should be taken as a guideline to keep your current weight

Recommended amount of calories:

You should use this calorie requirement as a guideline to reach your goal

Basic turnover:

The basic turnover is the calorie requirement of the body for basic vital functions, eg breathing, blood circulation, brain activity, etc. This value should not be permanently undershot (maximum 2 days).

Total turnover:

The total turnover is then the total calorie requirement for the day. If you take this amount daily you will keep your weight. The total turnover is calculated from the basic turnover and the service revenue. The total turnover is the amount of calories that your body needs within one day, including all physical and mental activities (volume turnover + power turnover).